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Enterprise Software: Go Where No Business Has Gone Before

  Beam me up Scotty! Today’s business environment certainly would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction back when ...
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Fact: Being social at work amps productivity

  Malay Mail Online | Tech/Gadgets Fact: Being social at work amps productivity January 14, 2016         ...
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Vincent on BFM

Stay Tuned: BFM’s Tech-Talk

Our Senior Consultant MVP was recently invited to BFM’s Tech-Talk to give his views on Cloud Computing and Microsoft’s Office ...
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About Fedelis


FEDELIS SDN BHD (FEDELIS) is an award-winning systems integrator focused on a number of niche and emerging ICT technologies. We primarily focus on Microsoft Office 365 and related cloud computing systems, and have been an Office 365 Partner in Malaysia for many years running.